We provide expert advice and reliable service to manage every aspect of your finances at every stage of your life.

Retirement is to be enjoyed

Let AIIM monitor your investments while you spend time doing the things you enjoy.

AIIM can provide advice on superannuation and pensions in order to maximise your entitlements.

About my Wealth

If you have money that’s uncommitted for a period of time, and are keen to make it work as hard as possible.

AIIM can construct investment portfolios tailored to your individual requirements. We are not owned by a product provider and have the ability to access investments from a large number of companies.

Lump Sum Investment

Perhaps you have sold an asset, been made redundant or received an inheritance.

We will discuss your objectives, your time frame and your risk tolerance with the objective of tailoring an investment portfolio that meets your needs.


Gearing is directed towards producing a larger investment return by using borrowed funds, often in addition to the investor’s own funds.

Gearing should be seen primarily as a wealth creation strategy rather than a way to save tax.

This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal situation.