Think differently! 7 innovative ways to grow your business

A great idea and a willingness to see the world differently lie behind the success of many entrepreneurs. Here, eight trailblazers share their insights and tips to help all businesses innovate and grow.

1. Stand for something

Work out what you want to stand for. Take your marketing hat off and ask ‘why am I doing this and what do I really care about?


 2. Define the problem

Good solutions are only possible when the problem is well defined.

 3. Turn a negative into a positive

Don’t listen to advice from others who know nothing about your business.


 4. Reap rewards from loyalty

Once people are loyal to the business, the business just grows. You can always train people, but loyalty is something that can’t be taught.

 5. See the bigger picture

The world is facing a digital skills shortage, so what better way to grow a business than to be part of the solution?

 6. Believe in yourself

If you think you have a good idea or product have the confidence in yourself.


7. Seek out mentors

Gather good mentors around you. Have people who encourage you with the attitude ‘it’s worth a try’.