Technology is changing your relationship with AIIM


It’s the year 2020. After having her morning routine looked after by Google Home – which shows Sue the latest E! Entertainment news feed projected to her shower screen, prepares her Nespresso coffee just to her liking, and reads her Facebook messages to her as she gets dressed – Sue jumps into her driverless UBER taxi and heads off to work.

Sue sits back into her heated car seat to read a daily commentary of news items relevant to her retirement and investment portfolio. This includes snippets of news stories from around the web and commentary from analysts and investment bloggers she follows.

Almost at work, Sue’s Pandora online radio playlist is interrupted with a breaking news report that has been personalised for her interests, which obviously include her investments. There has been another earthquake in Japan – This time close to major cities and industrial centres.

Knowing she has some investment portfolio exposure to the Japanese market, but not really understanding the implications of this natural disaster, she opens up her context-aware financial advice app. She speaks into her phone asking the app to perform a risk evaluation on her superannuation and investment portfolio. The context-aware advice app considers the current global data available, and highlights to her that some of her investments could be impacted which might push out her retirement by a further eighteen months, and impact on her short term financial goals too – in particular her planned holiday to Thailand next year.

She decides that she needs some more advice and sends an instant message to her financial adviser, James, requesting a video meeting.

Sue wishes she had listened to the social media futurists who had been predicting earthquakes in Japan for months.

It is hard to believe that this scenario could be realistic by 2020, but it could be argued that it is already possible. Technology will profoundly change your relationship with AIIM and in fact, it is making an impact already.

It is clear that technology is evolving rapidly. Ideas that seemed like science fiction five years ago are now very real, and very successful parts of our day-to-day interactions with clients.

At AIIM, we believe that there are so many great fintech companies emerging. Fintech also has a great role to play in how we engage with our clients, whether that is by video-streaming services or location-enabled mobile services, and so on.

It is no secret that the fintech industry is on the brink of a boom. So how will you adopt to the change?