So this is what living through historical moments feels like!

Like the post Brexit reaction the markets (ex Japan) have been remarkably mature about dealing with what was a massive surprise of the Trump victory.



I discovered the VUCA world analogy during recent readings. The American military coined the term VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world to describe the conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Their considered advice was captured beautifully in this quote – “we are moving from a world of problems, which demand speed, analysis and elimination of uncertainty to a world of dilemmas which demand patience, sense making and engagement with uncertainty.”

So engaging with uncertainty, this is a greater reason to form a relationship with your advisor especially here at AIIM.


We should not be second guessing what Trump might do based on his Twitter feed. The US political system has a number of checks and balances and it is not without reason that a politician’s promise carries little weight!

We must always consider our long term strategy & the impact of investments on this strategy. The strategy is paramount.

It has struck me that with the advent of Facebook, WhatsApp and all these ways to remain connected, that I am not following this approach of staying focused on my strategy in my personal life. Looking at my Facebook/Twitter feed and my WhatsApp messages since the results, it seems we are all creating our own personal echo chambers populated by friends/colleagues who generally only confirm our beliefs – one of the unfortunate unintended consequences of platforms which only shows you, what it thinks you might like!