April, 2017

Think differently! 7 innovative ways to grow your business

A great idea and a willingness to see the world differently lie behind the success of many entrepreneurs. Here, eight trailblazers share their insights and tips to help all businesses innovate and grow. 1. Stand for something Work out what you want to stand for. Take your marketing hat off and ask ‘why am I doing this and what do I really care about?  2. Define the problem Good solutions are only possible when the problem is well defined.  3. Turn a negative into a positive Don’t listen to advice from others who know nothing about your business.  4. Reap […]

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Maximising after-tax income with franking credits

Superannuation funds have low tax rates but still get full value for the franking credits they receive from their investments. Even tax free accounts in superannuation will get the full value for these credits. Funds in retirement phase will typically be getting tax refunds each year. For example, a $700 fully franked dividend in a tax free account generates a $300 tax refund so is actually worth $1,000, plus the added pleasure of actually having the government pay money to you. If the super fund is paying the 15% tax rate, the $700 fully franked dividend still generates a tax […]

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