November, 2016

So this is what living through historical moments feels like!

Like the post Brexit reaction the markets (ex Japan) have been remarkably mature about dealing with what was a massive surprise of the Trump victory.   I discovered the VUCA world analogy during recent readings. The American military coined the term VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world to describe the conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their considered advice was captured beautifully in this quote – “we are moving from a world of problems, which demand speed, analysis and elimination of uncertainty to a world of dilemmas which demand patience, sense making and engagement with uncertainty.” So engaging with uncertainty, […]

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Technology is changing your relationship with AIIM

It’s the year 2020. After having her morning routine looked after by Google Home – which shows Sue the latest E! Entertainment news feed projected to her shower screen, prepares her Nespresso coffee just to her liking, and reads her Facebook messages to her as she gets dressed – Sue jumps into her driverless UBER taxi and heads off to work. Sue sits back into her heated car seat to read a daily commentary of news items relevant to her retirement and investment portfolio. This includes snippets of news stories from around the web and commentary from analysts and investment […]

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Pitfalls: Helping out your children…

Many clients these days want to provide assistance to their children to purchase property. However, there a few issues to consider. ________________________________________ Scenario One… Rob and Kirsty Scenario: Rob and Kirsty have three adult children. The eldest, Nicky, is married and has asked for help with a deposit in order to buy a home. What’s the issue? If Rob and Kirsty help Nicky, what happens if she divorces? Her husband could claim it’s a gift to them both and end up with a portion of it as part of the divorce settlement. Solutions: Rob and Kirsty can provide the money […]

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