March, 2016

Netwealth Managed funds suitable for Investment

A. Active Growth , Morningstar Rating: 4 stars Average return pa over last 4 years: 11.81% Minimum Initial Investment: $1000 Entry Price 12 Feb 2016: $1.3369 Distributions Frequency: Quarterly Responsible Entity(RE): Netwealth Investment Funds( To invest in a mix of assets across various traditional and alternative asset classes with the majority of investments being in International Equity 31.54% and in Cash 26.06% via investment in sector trusts. The top 5 sectors are real Estate 16.52%, Energy 14.99%, Financial Services 11.84%, Utilities 11.57% and Consumer Cyclical 8.73%. Those sectors invest in Australia27.85%, United States 15.35%, Japan 15.08%, United Kingdom8.37% and France […]

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