January, 2016

Learn the super and become your own super hero

What is super? Superannuation is a way to save for your retirement. The money comes from contributions made into your super fund by your employer and, ideally, topped up by your own money. Sometimes the government will add to it through co-contributions and the low income super contribution. Your employer must pay 9.5% of your salary into a super fund. This is called the Super Guarantee and it’s the law. The Super Guarantee will gradually increase to 12% in coming years. Over the course of your working life, these contributions from your employer add up, or ‘accumulate’. Your super money is […]

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Six Reasons You Should Invest in Income Protection Insurance

It’s easy to think your income is going to be a permanent fixture in your life – if you’ve got a stable job, why should you worry about losing your stable income, right? Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future. While we all feel invincible, accidents and illnesses can happen. Should you fall ill or sustain a nasty injury, you may find yourself unable to work. We have prepared a simple and convenient list of those 6 things you need to know to understand why it’s important to have Income Protection insurance. Income Protection guarantees ongoing quality of life There’s nothing better […]

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It is vital that more people get advice when making decisions about switching their fund

In the three years to November 2015, the average amount of superannuation switched per year was over $35 billion — the result of 3.2% of superannuation products being switched annually. Of some concern however, given the dollars involved, is the fact that 31% of those switching didn’t receive any advice. These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey which included interviews with more than 100,000 people with superannuation over the last three years. Financial planners/advisors the main source of advice Just over one quarter (26.9%) of those switching their superannuation over the last three years got […]

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