April, 2014

Divorce and Your Super Savings

According to research by a large retail superannuation firm, going through a divorce can lump 10 more years on to the average Australian’s working life, as they endeavour to re-establish the level of retirement savings they may have accumulated through their married lives. Suncorp Superannuation’s Untying the Knot report purports to have uncovered the until-now unappreciated real cost of divorce for Australia’s divorcees (estimated to be close to 100,000 people annually). Suncorp said the most common considerations during divorce were property, child custody, the family car and the partner’s income. However thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars were […]

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Social media (SM) enables two-way communication and collaboration. Organisations can (and have) utilised it to great success building a competitive advantage, generating business and engaging with their customers on a more personal level. For every SM marketing success, however, there are a dozen examples of organisations getting it wrong. A single public failure can have far greater ramifications than multiple successes. Boards and management teams must be aware of, understand, and manage the risks that online conversations may present to their business. “Today’s customers expect that the organisation they do business with will be ‘on’ social media and will be […]

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